AUX 4 COINS DU MONDE is an ASI (international solidarity association) formally attached to Latin America for more than thirty years.

The twin aims of the association are :

– to bring fair trade to its workshop and craftsperson partners in Latin America,
– to finance, monitor and implement development programs in Andean countries (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador).

A4CM is a recognized charity and benefits from the provisions of the second paragraph of article 238 bis of the French Tax Code provided for by the law of 23 July 1987 on the development of patronage concerning tax deductions for donations.

It also holds the official LVED label (Lyon fair and sustainable city).

Headquarters : 31 rue Gambetta 42000 Saint-Étienne, France. Phone : +33 4 77 33 60 39.

Administrative and technical premises : 10 rue du Montcel 42350 La Talaudière, France. Phone : +33 4 77 33 69 66.

2 permanent shops:
81 Grande Rue de la Croix Rousse 69004 Lyon, France.
31 rue Gambetta 42000 Saint-Étienne, France.

As an association with economic activity, A4CM is subject to all commercial taxes. It is one of the actors of the French Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS).
Its accounts are approved by the Exco-Loire firm in Saint-Étienne, which draws up the final income statement and the balance sheet.


A4CM has around 120 members divided into 3 colleges:

– active members: volunteers from the shops and at the association’s warehouse,
– “socios” members: donors who are specifically concerned with development programs in Latin America,
– trustee members: founders and historical members, guarantors of the spirit and objectives of the association.

The running of the shops (reception, sales and information) is entrusted to volunteers, active members of the association.

A4CM is administered by a Board of Directors of 13 to 15 members renewed every 3 years.

Board of Directors 2020-2023 :

Board :
Chairman : Mr. Jean-Paul Bostbarge,
Secretary : Ms. Delphine Durantel,
Treasurer : Mr. Jean-Pierre Rival,
Ms. Françoise Clémaron,
Ms. Brigitte Blanc,
Mr. Michel Blanc,
Ms. Marie-Pierre Familiare,
Ms. Jeanine Passera,
Ms. Marie-Jo Vourzay,
Ms. Monique Vavre,
Ms. Roselyne Marrion-Vasseur,
M Patrick Vasseur.

General delegate (outside the Board of Directors) : Mr. François Durantel

bottom photo: a general assembly meeting of the association AUX 4 COINS DU MONDE in front of the premises of La Talaudière, France.