This activity is founded on the criteria defined by the French Platform for Fair Trade (PFCE), essentially:

improvement of the living and working conditions of craftspeople,

– partnership based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, aiming for greater equity in trade relations,

– protection of fundamental human rights (food, housing, health, education), consumer information.

Drawing on its experience and knowledge of Latin America for more than 35 years, A4CM has over the years developed its own trade networks without the need of any intermediary between suppliers / partners and the consumer.


A great diversity of structures 
– independent artisans and artists
– family workshops
– cooperatives
– social reintegration workshops (“sheltered workshops”)

A wide variety of materials and methods 
– clay, pottery: Chulucanas, Ayacucho
– wools: alpaca, llama, sheep
– cotton: summer clothes
– painted wood: furniture, chests
– glass: painting under the glass – trays, mirrors
– leather: bags, decorated hides 
– jewelry: creations of Alvaro, costume jewelry with natural stones
– Panama hats from Cuenca (Ecuador)
– musical instruments: flutes, sikus, tarkas, charango, etc.

A great diversity of places 
– countries: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile
– territories:
o urban areas, pueblos jovenes,
o rural areas, villages at various altitudes (valleys, mountainsides, etc.)


A4CM’s commitment

– 50% down payment is made upon ordering (this allows the workshop to purchase raw materials and  subsidizes daily life throughout the  manufacturing process)
– The balance of 50% is paid upon delivery: all delivered items are paid for  (A4CM handles the commercial risk, and  transport and packaging costs),
– Accountability: each craftsperson takes care of the packaging of products and is paid accordingly
– Sustainability: the action of fair trade is long-lasting.

The commitment of artisans

– quality control carried out in the country of origin
– creativity: materials, themes, novelties
– compliance with contracts: order / delivery adequacy, respect of deadlines,
– improvement of the living environment and working methods

The various workshops are visited at least once a year by a member of the Board of Directors responsible for missions in Latin America, often accompanied by members of the association who report on their experience, particularly during the yearly AGM.